Ouanani Nânaa

An ambitious entrepreneur in olive oil and bio products

An ambitious entrepreneur in olive oil and bio products


Founding member of SEVE in 1993, OUANANI was secretary general of SEVE for several terms to become President of SEVE from 2012 to 2019.

Her professional career began in 1962 when she chose to return to Algeria after the country's independence to participate in its structuring, this is how she joined the Mustapha Pacha hospital in Algiers to set up all the internal organization of the establishment.

Her ambition and dynamism the changing profession of police to go from employee to entrepreneur, she thus created her company specialized in office automation and computer equipment, her company COGEB becomes among the leaders on the Algerian market.

Originally from an agricultural region in Kabylia and coming from a family that owns land, nânaa invests in agriculture by planting olive trees and embarking on the production of olive oil and then in the production of artisanal organic jams. Today its brand of FAKIA jams is sold on the international market, its extra virgin oil is also present on the local market while awaiting its export as well.