Personal Branding Strategy

Martina Cleven

Founder of Planungsbüro für Markenentwicklung GmbH

Founder of Planungsbüro für Markenentwicklung GmbH


Martina Cleven is an expert in developing brand strategies. She has worked as an independent strategic consultant with international consumer goods companies since 2001. She holds a degree in business studies (Diplom-Kaufmann / MBA equivalent) from WHU School of Management, the No.1 business school for management education in Germany.

In 2012, she started to additionally transfer her Business Branding skills to Personal Branding: She supports individuals – especially women in business – in developing a clear positioning and self-marketing strategy, aiming to raise their visibility and thus paving their way to further success.

Being self-employed herself, Martina is passionate about supporting female entrepreneurship in various roles. She is a regional board member of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs, VdU, in Northern Germany, as well as a member of FidAR, the German association for Women on Advisory Boards.