In Europe, the participation of women in positions of power within companies has been a long-standing debate at both national and European levels. In recent years, the presence of women in various types of management bodies has risen sharply in most European countries. This is not necessarily due to a change in the mindset of managers, but rather to the pressure generated by various political and regulatory measures. Since the introduction of a women's quota for listed companies in Egypt in 2019, for example, the presence of women has improved significantly.

Our WoB programs

As part of the WiB network, workshops on the theme of Women on Board were organized in 2017 in all WiB network partner countries. Based on the results of these workshops, specific actions were carried out on the topic of WoB. These included events for female board members or potential candidates, and measures to improve transparency and exchanges between female experts. Our program starts with an assessment workshop where our WoB expert shares experiences and findings from WoB activities in Europe and the MENA region. A discussion of measures to be implemented to improve the presence of women on boards is the focus of the workshop. A series of workshops, trainings and events is then organized following the WOB strategy of each association.

In addition, WiB has led an online campaign of various women on boards from our network that were interviewed. Find out more about the interviews through this link.