Architectural design and decoration

Nermin Baligh

A pioneering woman in the field of architecture

A pioneering woman in the field of architecture


Nermin Baligh is the CEO and founder of the first online design and engineering office in Egypt and the Middle East, Archimaker online office, which was founded in 2004 as a new concept in this field, in which all communication with customers and staff throughout Egypt, the Gulf region, North Africa, Canada, and Europe takes place online. For almost 20 years, Archimaker has grown and gained respect and trust in the field.

Nermin Baligh has not neglected her social sharing, as she was always keen to teach the public the principles of architectural design and decoration, to make it easier for them to make decisions for their homes.

She also became a member of many associations such as the Alexandria Businesswomen Association and the Arab Women Association, which earned of the Arab world's most important pioneers in the field of architecture.

Nermin also won first place from the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Business Technology in a competition entitled Egypt ICT for Women in 2018.