Architecture and Urban Planning

Daluli El Orra

An Experienced Architectural Innovator Woman

An Experienced Architectural Innovator Woman


Born in Brazil, married in Lebanon, and a mother of four, Daluli EL Orra holds degrees in Architecture and Urbanism from São Paulo, Interior Design from the USA, and a Master's in Urban Planning from Lebanon. For 14 years, she taught art, design, and theory while working as an architect.

In 2014, Dalouli brought her architectural dreams to life by establishing Delora Hotel & Suites in Chtaura Jdita. Her attention to detail and creative vision made the hotel a success. Dalouli's journey from Brazil to Lebanon is a testament to her determination, love for her family, passion for design, and her entrepreneurial spirit. It's a story of a woman who embraced change and challenges, leaving a mark through her achievements in both education and business.