Yomna el Sheridy

A leading manufacturer and exporter of agrifood products

A leading manufacturer and exporter of agrifood products


Yomna El Sheridy


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Yomna El Sheridy holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Alexandria. She obtained her master’s degree in pharmaceutical socio-economics from the University of Iowa in the US. Sheridy gained a wide experience in the food processing industry from working for over two decades with multinational companies in the field of exporting and marketing food products and pharmaceuticals in the Middle East and the global markets.

She has established her own enterprise Special Foods Industries International to manufacture and export table olives and sun-dried tomatoes in bulk to other co-packers and manufacturers. SFII continue its efforts to place Egyptian olive exports in the world market and continue to acquire know how to meet international export standards.

Sheridy is deeply involved in the empowerment of businesswomen and founded the “Business Women of Egypt 21 Association” where she is also its president. This association includes hundreds of businesswomen and owners of small to mid-size enterprises (SME) in several fields of service and industry.

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