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Mona El Boksomaty

Esteemed Apparel Industry Leader

Esteemed Apparel Industry Leader


Mona El Boksomaty, a distinguished professional in the apparel industry, boasts a remarkable 25-year career. She began her journey with a strong educational foundation, earning a Graphics Design specialization from Alexandria University's Faculty of Fine Arts. This education nurtured her creative talents and deepened her understanding of design principles, pivotal in Germantex's success.

As Germantex's owner and CEO, Mona's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and dedication transformed the company. Germantex obtained prestigious certifications under her leadership, enabling expansion into the USA and European markets, a testament to their commitment to international standards.

Mona actively engages with industry organizations, including the Apparel Export Council of Egypt and the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, emphasizing Germantex's collaborative spirit.

Germantex's global acclaim as a leading Egyptian apparel manufacturer was solidified through representation at international exhibitions in London, New York, Cairo, Addis Ababa, Las Vegas, and Frankfurt. These events reflect Mona's leadership and Germantex's commitment to global fashion trends and partnerships.

Mona's dedication extends beyond her profession. She's a proud member of the ABWA, passionately supporting women in entrepreneurship and leadership. Mona's impact reverberates in her illustrious career and her commitment to empowering women in business.