Culinary and Hospitality Industry

Aline Kamkian

Culinary Entrepreneur and Philanthropic Leader

Culinary Entrepreneur and Philanthropic Leader


Aline Kamakian is a renowned figure in the culinary world and a dedicated philanthropist. As the CEO and co-founder of FIG Holding and owner/general manager of IIC sarl in Beirut, Lebanon, she's made an indelible mark. Aline's journey began as an insurance broker at 18, paving the way for a successful career and the establishment of one of Lebanon's top Brokerage Firms, IIC – Insurance & Investment Consultant.

Her culinary passion led to the creation of "Mayrig," a pioneering Armenian restaurant in 2003, introducing authentic Armenian flavors to appreciative diners. Aline's culinary ventures expanded to include catering, "Batchig," and branching out internationally.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she launched "Lahmajun" and maintained her commitment to her team and community, collaborating with organizations to provide meals for families.

Aline is not just a culinary innovator but a dedicated advocate for Armenian culture, co-authoring the cookbook "Armenian Cuisine." She also founded her retail brand, "Kamakian," supporting local farmers.

Beyond her culinary endeavors, Aline completed a corporate directors' program, received accolades as Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, and actively participates in various associations, including the Lebanese Franchise Association and the Lebanese League of Women in Business.

Aline Kamakian's remarkable journey exemplifies entrepreneurship, cultural preservation, and philanthropic leadership, inspiring others to make a positive impact.