Safia Akboudj

A leading businesswomen in the transport of public goods

A leading businesswomen in the transport of public goods


Safia Akkboudj


Chemist by training from Badji Mokhtar Annaba University, Safia Akkboudj created her tailoring workshop which she managed. In 1994 she created an industrial bakery which she will manage until 2009. Her desire to diversify her activity will lead her to join in the company Bone FenĂȘtres PVC window manufacturing VEKA where she will be manager from 2010 to 2014.

She is also from 2009 to date Manager of the company Transport of public goods and since 2015 Consultant and Commercial Representative to DZLED for LED lighting solutions and products.

Ms. Akboudj has been a member of SEVE since 1999 where she was Regional Delegate East until 20011. She participated in training on management, business and advancement of entrepreneurship by the American body CIPE and in 2012 to Mentor mowgli in the Mowgli Entrepreneur / SME Mentoring Program held in Algeria between: MEDAFCO, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Mowgli mentoring .