Nora Bouzida

Director of Samar edition

Director of Samar edition


Books, culture and communication have always been in the core of Samar company since its creation. The more general aim was to support society development toward a cultured and developed one, well integrated in the world's movement to achieve human well being, solidarity and value based. Culture is the most important support to get rid of misunderstanding, prior judgements, cultural and racial hierarchy, and give more space to peace, tolerance and fraternity.

Samar edition, and Nora as director, always choose the books, magazines, and thema to communicate about according to the above values. The promotion of the algerian woman (our women magazine "Nissa"), the algerian culture, expressed in arabic, french and berber, is the touchstone to spread them by promoting young universal literature, committed authors... and in communication, always working with ethical companies.

Samar is a committed publishing and communication company that works for a better ethical world and humanity" Member of SEVE board, Nora BOUZIDA is in charge of services and culture commission.