Gender Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Ouma Sani

Specialist in Gender Empowerment and Impact Entrepreneurship

Specialist in Gender Empowerment and Impact Entrepreneurship


Ouma, Manager and Trainer at the Women’s Investment Club Senegal, is a consultant specializing in gender, impact entrepreneurship, communication, and advocacy, with over 15 years of professional experience in Europe and Africa. She has worked with women from diverse backgrounds and established public and private partnerships.

An expert in women's empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and gender equality, Ouma stands out for her ability to organize activities aimed at enabling women to succeed and embrace their leadership capacities. She also initiates awareness-raising actions to promote diversity and inclusion in the ecosystem.

With a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship & Project Management as well as in Marketing & Management, Ouma has also contributed to prestigious publications such as the FBA White Book in November 2022 and "The Audacious" in March 2023.

Her journey exemplifies her unwavering commitment to women's empowerment and the promotion of gender equality, making her a leading figure in the field of entrepreneurship and socio-economic development.