Renewable Energy and Sustainable Innovation

Majda Mouaici

An expert in renewable energy and sustainable innovation

An expert in renewable energy and sustainable innovation


Majda Mouaici stands as a prominent figure at the intersection of renewable energy and sustainable innovation, with a track record that reflects her unwavering commitment to these vital fields. Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Renewable Energies, she has laid a strong academic foundation with a Master's degree in Renewable Energies and a Bachelor's degree in the same domain. Her academic journey has been complemented by her role as a Research Support Engineer at the National Center for Integrated Building Studies and Research, where her expertise has contributed significantly to the advancement of sustainable building practices.

She is also the founder of ISOGRIN, a startup that specializes in the development of thermal insulation derived from olive pomace, a byproduct of olive oil production. Her innovative approach to sustainable building materials has earned her a patent for a "thermal insulation material based on olive pomace" and a notable label for innovative projects from the Ministry of Startups. ISOGRIN represents not only her entrepreneurial prowess but also her profound dedication to finding eco-friendly solutions for the construction industry.

Majda has received a plethora of accolades, including the prestigious TAMAYOUZ Excellence Prize from the SEVE Association in June 2023. Her pioneering work has been recognized through awards such as the 1st prize in green entrepreneurship, awarded by the United Nations Development Programme (PNUD) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment. Additionally, her accomplishments extend to the realm of female entrepreneurship, where she secured the 2nd prize in a competition organized by Algeria Venture in partnership with the European Union Embassy in Algeria and the Embassy of Sweden. Furthermore, she earned the 3rd prize in the "One Project, One Patent" competition organized by the DGrsdt and the 4th prize in the Industrial Property Day competition organized by INAPI.