Decorative Arts

Jihene Barnat

A Woman Entrepreneur in Decorative Arts

A Woman Entrepreneur in Decorative Arts


Jihene Barnat is a passionate and talented creator who founded JOJO DECO, a Tunisian brand specializing in crafting ultra-colorful decorative objects. Her unique design vision is reflected in every item produced by her company, offering unique pieces to her customers.

A graduate of the Higher School of Design Sciences and Technologies in Tunisia, Jihene received specialized training in product design. Inspired by her mother's artistic journey, who studied at the Fine Arts School in Tunis, Jihene inherited a passion for art and creation. From a young age, she was exposed to various forms of craftsmanship and artistic techniques, nurturing her curiosity and desire to explore new possibilities. Over the years, Jihene has acquired expertise in various artistic domains.

Regarding environmental aspects, JOJO DECO adopts eco-friendly practices. The brand implements measures to reduce its environmental footprint, including the recycling of fabrics. Fabric scraps are used to create the distinctive "pom-pom" flowers featured in the brand's products, giving a second life to these materials. This recycling approach helps minimize waste and valorize existing resources.