Ines Blagui

Founder of BLB Pharma

Founder of BLB Pharma


Ines is a a Highly motivated, hardworking and efficient Business Woman. Further to 20 years of experience, she ahs established good connections and long term working experience with reputable partners in the MENA region.

She is a Doctor of Medicine, and graduated from the Medicine school of Tunis, acquired extensive knowledge regarding the Health Industry and pharma care business since 2001. She has strengthened her analytical skills, methodology approach and all round procedures through Entrepreneur experience since 2013. She has extended knowledge in Tunisia’s health sector where she gained a reputation for being accurate, honest and efficient in everything she does.

She acquired the ability to communicate effectively with team members, while focusing on peoples’ strengths to better their confidence and enhance collaborations. Over her last work experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she had the opportunity to grow a business worth 10 million dollars and to initiate a strong project of biotechnology transfer of one of the most needed products in the health industry, Human Insulin.

Since she started her own business, in July 2018, BLB Pharma, a leading company providing professionals with the latest technologies and innovations in the field of aesthetics and body health, she realized more than ever, the importance and the obligation to develop whatever we need locally; not only the essential pharmaceutical products, but also food supplements, anti-aging products and medical devices.

I believe that as a senior entrepreneur, we need to rethink business in order to create value.