Construction and Real Estate

Ekbal Hamdy

Prominent Construction Entrepreneur Leader

Prominent Construction Entrepreneur Leader


Ekbal, CEO & Founder of Dovil Red Sea, boasts a profound understanding of the construction industry, underpinned by her academic achievements, including a bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering from Alexandria University.

Her career commenced as an architect in the military division, where she oversaw Navy projects. Subsequently, she played a pivotal role in revitalizing the neglected Smouha area, conceiving a comprehensive plan that encompassed modern residential zones, hospitals, schools, and green spaces.

Ekbal honed her architectural prowess during her tenure at Raghebco Company, a renowned real estate firm in Alexandria. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she won a national competition to develop Red Sea tourism. The state allocated land for her to establish Reviera Taba, a stunning tourist resort overlooking the Red Sea.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ekbal actively engages with associations such as the Alexandria Businesswomen Association, Arab Businesswomen Association, and Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association. She has served as the Treasurer of the Alexandria Businesswomen Association for an impressive 23 years and holds a Bureau position in the Arab Businesswomen Association.

Ekbal's dedication extends globally, as she represents Egypt at conferences and workshops in Germany, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, and Dubai. She also contributes to Le Comité des Parents d'Institution de Sainte Jeanne Antide, sharing her experiences.

Ekbal stands as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and young business leaders, driven by her unwavering commitment to her work and her community's welfare.