Business development and Entrepreneurship

Mada Desiree Porquet Fouqueray

Entrepreneurial Leader

Entrepreneurial Leader


Mada, a Marketing and International Business graduate, commenced her professional journey at Xerox in Paris before venturing into entrepreneurship with the establishment of IVOIRE NETTOYAGE SERVICES in 2003. Later, in 2009, she expanded her portfolio with the creation of FAME GROUP, demonstrating her prowess in business development.

Her dedication and vision have earned her accolades, including national and international awards for entrepreneurship, like the National Excellence Award for Female Entrepreneurship, a wonderful recognition for her 15 years of entrepreneurship and job creation.

Mada's commitment extends beyond business; she actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, founding NGOs, and advocating for women's empowerment as a Women in Africa ambassador.

Currently serving as Managing Director of QUICKNET ATALIAN GLOBAL SERVICES, Mada continues to drive growth while fostering opportunities for women in Côte d'Ivoire through her leadership roles, such as her involvement with WIC CI.